Plan of Care

navigating through nursing school

uninteresting update

In my usual greatly productive and lucky fashion, I have now missed two microbiology classes in a row and one lab session due to being ill. Which gets me a zero for today’s lab, at least. I have a test on Wednesday; hopefully all the missed lecture time won’t make that much of a difference. I should be in class now.

Instead I’m typing this entry with my eyes shut as the computer screen is too bright. My pupils are still dilated and burning like crazy from all the weird chemicals put in my eyes. This is what I get for spending five hours (five hours) at the neuro-opthalmologist.

On the other hand, I got my student subscription to the ANA’s NursingWorld. This unfortunately doesn’t make me an actual member of the ANA – I wish it had! – but it still has some pretty neat perks. I’m still playing with it.

And hoping that depending on how things go in the next week, my summer schedule will be sorted enough I might get to find out if I can get some kind of job.

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