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this post ended up being about me

Mystery Illness is really kicking me when I’m down, right now, and so I actually had to drop my microbiology class because of how I kept having to be in and out of the hospital. Isn’t that a great way to start health care career #3? By being in and out of a hospital? Today I spent four hours trying to get an anti-ribonuclear protein test done. Apparently only “antiquated” doctors request this test anymore. I thought that was funny, since one of the doctors in question is in his late thirties and the other one happens to be my dad.

Not knowing what’s wrong with me aside, though, I’m trying to remind myself I have this blog here, and even if it doesn’t have readers, it’s okay to update it! (No, I don’t have a clue how to publicize my blog. I’m not sure if I want to, but I do like having people to talk to; I read lots of nursing blogs, I’m just too socially awkward to ask for a link exchange. If you’re here reading this: hi.) My little-bit-out-of-it-ness will hopefully end soon. And I am getting excited about the start of school!

I got a haircut, reinstating my bangs to attempt to make myself look older than twelve, something I often get in the ED when all geared up in my EMS clothes. “You can’t do that job, you look like you’re twelve!” I’m twenty-one, thank you, and I think with my bangs back for the first time in six years I probably look at least 18. On good days. Of course, I’ve promptly failed at keeping the hairstyle as nice as it was because of an inability to blow-dry my own hair, but my hair isn’t that important. My hair isn’t really about nursing. It is part of getting excited for the semester, though!

I also got my uniform, which I won’t include pictures of, because it identifies my school, but miraculously it has scrubs that fit me. (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how extremely small I am. Well: I am extremely small. The world is designed for people much larger than I am. It contributes to folks thinking I’m twelve. I’m too short for my car, which was purchased with my height in mind. It is the smallest automobile I could find and I still sit on two pillows to drive it.) We were required to get another stethoscope, which made me want to scream because I have a Littmann Lightweight and why would I want to use something of lesser quality? but my new Sprague #122 is okay because it’s purple (my old SpragueLite is blue and my Littmann is green) and offsets the school uniform nicely, and I can understand (kind of; my old clinical programs did not do this) them wanting us to match. Plus scissors and a stethoscope nametag. Shopping! Exciting! Normally I really, really hate shopping, but I really like ‘stuff’ (as you may be able to tell by the fact the first post in this blog is all links about scrubs) and so I had a good time getting these things. It was a bit ago.

The SHOES, though. The shoes are going to make me mad, because like the stethoscope, I already had what I thought was perfect: a pair of Danksos Professional Clogs. Unfortunately, I learned at the last minute at the uniform store that nursing students have to wear white shoes. What? I’m sorry, I’m a neatfreak. I can’t wear white shoes. I will be polishing them every twenty minutes. The white shirt is bad enough — really, I can’t just wear my brown Danksos? I came out with Cherokee Robins, which are very nice, but … they’re white. And no one will sell me a gallon of shoe polish.

To suddenly change the subject and make this post even more disoriented than it already is, I also got my letter today informing me that my orientation is Thursday, August 19. Nice to know. I get to pick between two times and I’m sure not sure which one of them I like better! I have no idea what I’ll be doing then. Except, apparently, not going mountain climbing with my dad like I thought I was. The sacrifices one makes for school, of course.

In that letter, they identified the textbook as Fundamentals of Nursing, which I’m sure surprises no one, but despite having put in a textbook order at the college bookstore (that also includes my A&P books and whatnot) I figured I’d scout around online and see how much it cost, expecting some sticker shock. I was pleasantly surprised: it’s averaging at about $90.

That’s a small favor.

(My attempt to certify my county residence and knock $10k off my tuition, on the other hand, was rejected. I filled out the residence forms and got them notarized too early. This place is very strange sometimes.)

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