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Well, first of all, my schedule is turning into a complete disaster as I learned microbiology is actually a co-requisite of everything else I’m taking, and there are currently, yep, no seats available. I might therefore lose my entire fall schedule and be stuck in school another year! Oh, life.

I don’t want to dwell on that, though. It’s so terribly discouraging. Instead, this is me talking about my supplies – today I went and picked up my textbooks.

After experiencing the sticker shock of the email telling me that they were ready, that would be approximately $600.

WTF? I say. My parents agree (they are the ones stuck paying for my books, as I really don’t have $600 to throw around – I don’t even have $90 to throw around). Needless to say, okay, better come up with $600. Thanks to my mother, that wasn’t too hard, and so today I went to the store to pick up Prepack #52.

It looked like this: (this image is a thumbnail)

Okay, no. Admittedly, it did not include the background contents of my desk, also pictured.Not the phone, not the page-a-day calendar currently displaying the wrong date, not the snowglobe. All those books, the lab manual on the bottom, the dissection kit and the glasses, though. And my school’s manual, which while I took a lovely photo of it is not included for anonymity purposes.

In order to make it easier to see what the books are (as somewhere someone might care, or wish to compare my educational institution’s , I provide another image:

My parents agreed it was actually pretty worth the $600.

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