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tricky test question

I literally just had the test and am in a lecture, but couldn’t possibly wait to share this question as I was afraid I would forget it. It’s one of the most cleverly written exam questions I’ve ever encountered.

#. Which procedure is correct to follow when listening to breath sounds?
A. Auscultate the anterior chest at 6 different points.
B. Use the zig-zag pattern to listen, comparing sounds from right to left.
C. Ask the patient to take a deep breath and hold it in so you can listen.
D. Instruct the patient to breathe slowly and deeply in and out through the nose.

If I didn’t know before that my instructor wrote NCLEX questions (not examples, but the actual NCLEX) I would definitely know it now. I’m very impressed by the sneakiness of this question’s wording! If not reading carefully you’d definitely be screwed on this one.


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