Plan of Care

navigating through nursing school

what, subconscious

Lots of things to update on that I keep running out of time to comment on (and this week, considering the paper, presentation, exam, CPR recert and all the other homework, isn’t really the time) but this is another one of those ‘I should note it so I don’t forget it and I have time right now‘ sorts of things.

I had a nightmare last night that I showed up to clinical this Thursday late, with no paperwork, no ID (this is actually a problem for real, as I don’t have any photo ID right now) of any kind, wearing some weird pyjama getup instead of my scrubs, and without a stethoscope.

Then my boyfriend and one of his former classmates showed up attempting to convince the hospital that they were students for some energywork class that didn’t exist. So a classmate of mine (who isn’t real) and I literally pushed them out the door, just to ask them to come back in and help us move a patient.

I have no idea.


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