Plan of Care

navigating through nursing school

at least I got the WordPress app for Android

Which is what I’m currently using as my computer is still packed away in a bag from having been visiting with my parents. I knew if I didn’t update about this now I would never do it ever – this day was quite something.

After departing for the 3 hour drive home at 6am, I was tired when I finally got to my apartment, but as the semester is about to begin there were some things I had to get done right away: be sure the order for my new glasses was in, get my clinical assignment and pick up my textbooks.

The glasses went off without a hitch, but when I got to the clinical assignment part I found a problem: I was given evening shift. Which wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for that pesky 4pm language class! I had forgotten the golden rule of “leave your whole clinical day open, you don’t really know your times until it’s begun.”

So there was some frantic switching around of classes until I got into a different sign language section – that has left me with a Wednesday from Hell even longer than last semester’s (no breaks between some pretty intensive courses and labs, 10am to 5pm – in that time I usually have three meals, being a six-meal-a-day person) but at least I got in at all and the books were the same so I hadn’t wasted that prepack order and won’t be losing the credits.

Just as I thought everything had worked out okay, I bit into the snack I had purchased in the bookstore and heard the horrible crack of one of my back molars breaking.

I spit the piece out. It’s in my refrigerator, just in case.

The dentist (who I have spoken to, I’m not an idiot I swear I called him – funny, I’ve been hiding from dentists for three years and now I keep needing one, I had a bunch of work done earlier this month) isn’t open until Monday.

School opens Monday.

This semester is going to be wonderful.


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