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Ad Thursday

Somebody suggested to me at one point over the past week that I post a vintage medical ad every Thursday, because of how I have so many actually completely relevant to nursing school things to post that I don’t post any of them. I thought it was a good idea. Unfortunately I can’t remember whose idea it was; I’m assuming a classmate.

Anyway, here’s this week’s:
Catarrh: Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, Deafness, Cured AT HOME! Trial, Consultation & Advice!
Free 16 pp. Pamphlet
Address DBMW CASE, 1321 Arch street, Philadelphia, PA
Order only from this office
Dr. Case’s Carbolate of Tar Inhalants

Tar. It cures basically everything.

And because that one’s tiny, and because this is the one I keep referencing and never actually displaying, a bonus: the original Thorazine print that got me into collecting these in the first place.

for prompt control of
(chlorpromazine USP)
‘Thorazine’ can control the agitated, belligerent senile and help the patient to live a composed and useful life.

Well I … guess that’s true. Kinda. On the ‘prompt control’ part. The ‘useful life’ part? Probably not. Thorazine is not all that forgiving.


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