Plan of Care

navigating through nursing school


About the Author
Tai is not the real name of a twentysomething female long-time healthcare professional moving up the ranks into starting nursing school in August of 2010, with pre-reqs starting in May. The anonymity is for personal protection when one’s real name is extremely identifiable; the alias came from the name of a dog and has been in use for quiet a long time. The third person is for convenience and style. Tai likes mystery novels and dogs and ice cream and and road trips and naptime, and wants to be a DNP when she grows up, if she grows up.

About the Blog
“Plan of Care” is called that because it was written right there on the chart sitting right there when the blog needed a name. Its purpose is to catalog musing, rants, links, quotes and anything else that seems related to nursing; hopefully it will last through school and past that into the real world of working.

It is autobiographical, thoughtful, and real, though some bits may be considered creative nonfiction. While all of the events discussed actually happened, and none have been combined for dramatic or any other value, names, dates, locations and other details have been changed. HIPAA is important. Please respect HIPAA (as well as the privacy of anyone quoted due to sounding like a moron during class). It’s good for you.

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